Development of national teams/multinational Civil Protection Modules Flood Rescue using Boats
1st WG on Flood Rescue using Boats
Bled, Slovenia 12-14 October 2015

After having launched the public procurement for the supply of rescue boats and the relevant equipment used in case of floods events, the IPA FLOODS Programme is now organising its first working group dedicated to the Civil Protection Module on Flood Rescue using Boats (FRB). The event will be held on 12-14 October in Bled, Slovenia and will gathered sixteen national experts coming from Western Balkans and Turkey (two representatives from each country beneficiary). The training, led by the experts of the Consortium’s Programme, will be focused on the requirements for national teams, e.g. team composition and structure, basic requirements for team members and task distribution. In particular, the outline of the workshop will include a general session focused on the presentation of the module’s concept and the requirements under the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, an overview on the guidelines for modules’ SOPs and the analysis of case study on relevant existing multinational modules (approach, opportunities, challenges and best practises).

During the meeting the participants will be asked to draft Standard Operating Procedures according to the EU Guidelines on SOPs. The expected outcome of the working group will be a draft handbook/SOPs for each FRB national team. 

A second working group on FRB will take place in January 2016.

This initiative is part of the activities related to LOT1 that supports the establishment of multi-national Civil Protection Modules (CPMs) first by providing the beneficiaries the required equipment and resources needed to activate the operability of the modules and more importantly by organizing capacity building activity enabling national teams to operate at national level and in the context of international assistance interventions.