On 23 February, Zagreb (Croatia) hosted the Initial Planning Conference of the regional field exercise IPA FLOODS CRO 2016 planned to take place in October 2016 within Lot 1 of the Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Floods in the Western Balkans and Turkey – IPA FLOODS 

IPA FLOODS Lot 1 supports capacity building for flood preparedness for response through the development of multinational Civil Protection Modules (CPMs) for “Flood Rescue using Boats” (FRB) composed of national teams from different Programme Beneficiaries in line with the EU requirements for CPMs.  

The National Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Croatia is the partner within the IPA FLOODS Consortium responsible for the organisation of the field exercise, which represents the logical conclusion of the participatory process encompassing a number of closely interrelated steps, including the establishment of the national FRB teams and the multinational CPMs – including the provision of the relevant equipment – the development of Standard Operating Procedures and Host Nation Support arrangements as well as training of personnel.  

IPA FLOODS CRO 2016 is aimed at testing regional cooperation and interoperability among the established and trained national FRB teams and multinational CPMs for FRB and the cooperation with incoming international assistance via the participation of CPMs of the same type from the Participating States of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism 

During this one-day Conference convened in Zagreb on 23 February, the Exercise Planning Team – the main body in charge for the planning of the field exercisecomposed of representatives from IPA FLOODS Consortium partners and National Exercise Coordinators from each Beneficiary of the Programme – were called to discuss all aspects of the organisation of IPA FLOODS CRO 2016 (exercise structure and participation, scenario development, communication plan, HNS, observers programme) and to present identified exercise locations.