The IPA FLOODS Programme is now ready to implement IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016,  its first Regional Field Exercise (FEX) from 17 to 21 October 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The event, which is expecting the participation of around three hundred people including civil protection professionals and relevant authorities, is organised under the auspices of the National Protection and Rescue Directorate (NPRD) of the Disaster Management Authority of Croatia.

IPA FLOODS – CRO is going to test the functionality and interoperability of the multinational Civil Protection Modules (CPMs) of the type Floods Rescue Using Boats (FRB) established under IPA FLOODS.  National teams from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey will be involved at the simulation exercise where we will also see the participation of a TAST (Technical Assistance Support Team) from Italy and of a FRB Module coming from Czech Republic.

Experts trained within the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism will compose the European Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) and help the Croatian authorities (NPRD Civil Protection Headquarter) in the reception and coordination of international assistance; the Emergency Response and Coordination Centre (ERCC) will take part of the play and serve as permanent contact point for the EUCPT, NPRD, as well as for the Headquarters of the participating beneficiaries in the multinational Modules.

High level experts coming from Civil Protection Authorities of Austria, Italy, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*, Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden have been accurately selected by IPA FLOODS Consortium to compose the ad hoc evaluation team that will assess the event and provide with feed-backs and recommendations after the exercise.

IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016 comes after almost two years of regular activities among the beneficiaries, whose civil protection staff has been engaged in workshops and trainings with the purpose of improving the coordination capacity of the national teams, their knowledge of border-crossing procedures and the function of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) in the context of an international deployment. In particular, the exercise takes place after the operational trainings held in Macedonia and Montenegro during the month of September, where the IPA FLOODS national teams practised modules deployment and water-rescue operations within a regional context.

The schedule of IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016 foresees a Table Top Exercise (TTX) on 17 October with command post features (CPX),  aimed at practicing the procedures regarding the request, offer and acceptance of international disaster assistance. Then, the TTX will be followed by the field exercise which will be based in selected areas of the Zagreb’s county. On this occasion the beneficiaries will also have the opportunity to use the water rescue equipment and boats donated by the Programme last June.

Set up to look as realistic as possible, the exercise scenario will simulate a major disaster involving severe floods, whose intensity, dimension and impact will force to trigger a request for international assistance through the UCPM. Voluntary firefighters, mountain rescue service, Red Cross, scuba-diving clubs, etc. are the around 60 role-players involved to support the realistic implementation of the different scenarios, which are planned for the different days of the exercise. In addition, representatives from Croatian Non-Governmental Organisations will cooperate in order to ensure that safety and security rules are respected during the exercise.

Last but not least, Director Generals from the beneficiaries Civil Protection Authorities, high level Consortium members, as well as representatives from DG ECHO, Participating States to the UCPM, Embassies based in Zagreb, and from regional initiatives as DPPI SEE are welcome take part as observers in the highlight of the event through the Observers Programme, which will allow country representatives to follow the entire course of the field exercise.

On the left side of this page readers can access to the main documents and information related to IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016: the field exercise brochure, glossary of the main abbreviations used, the video showing the essentials of IPA FLOODS- CRO 2016, etc.