The Final Expected result of the IPA FLOODS Lot 1

Activity 1 is having operational multinational Civil Protection Modules (CPMs) for flood response – Flood Rescue using Boats (FRB) – which are able to operate regionally and through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

All five work packages contributing to the achievement of this result will be implemented with the close involvement of the responsible civil protection authorities andrelevant stakeholders in each Beneficiary and under the overall supervision of the Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC).


The WP 1Developing and establishing multinational CPMs focused on floods (flood rescue using boats – FRB) involving all Beneficiaries in line with the EU technical framework and practices” includes

  • Drafting of a general description detailing the core requirements for a flood rescue using boat (FRB) team/modules based on the general requirements set forth by the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.
  • Assessing available resources in the area of FRB (equipment, personnel), response structures (legal basis and response plans) and existing preparedness activities (education, trainings, exercises) taking into regard all levels (local, regional and national capacities).
  • Developing of FRB team concepts for each Beneficiary composed by up to 12 persons according to the prior identified needs as a basis of the multinational modules concept for the Region.
  • Setting a multinational module, composed of FRB teams coming from 3 or 4 Beneficiaries.

At the end at least three national teams can be composed to build ONE multinational module fulfilling the requirements for a FRB module. Those multinational modules, including the equipment (procurement, handling, storage, maintenance and handover) will form part of a regional emergency response capacity, which can be deployed inside as well as outside of the region. In the future the modules could become part of the European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) (regulatory reference Decision No 1313/2013/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 17 December 2013 on a Union Civil  Protection Mechanism)

Responsible: URSZR supported by MSB and THW.


The WP 2 “Putting into operation the civil protection modules by establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) according to the EU Guideline for Standard Operating Procedures and based on the experience of existing EU (multinational) civil protection modules” includes

Developing and implementing of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) along the EU Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedures for Civil Protection Moduleswithin the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Responsible: URSZR supported by MSB and THW.


Work package 3 “Establishing border crossing protocols and Host Nation Support protocols according to the EU Guidelines on Host Nation Support, with the aim to ensure rapid and effective deployment of the civil protection modules to the affected country” includes

  • Summarising existing cross-border  – bilateral and/or regional – agreements and HNS concepts and their status of implementation
  • Organising Cross-border meetings (scenario based discussion) among the Beneficiaries involved in the Module
  • Designing one Regional workshop on legal preparedness for management staff from all Beneficiaries.

Responsible: NPRD with the support of URSZR.


Work package 4 “Providing specific training to the staff of the multinational civil protection modules” foresees

  • Trainings of the type “Training of Trainersarranged for operational and management staff of the teams/modules on the newly established capacities; these trainings are partitioned into three components: water safety awareness, swift water rescue, general boat operating.
  • Trainings for management staff of the teams/module, similar to the EU Module Basic Courses organised: this action will serve to prepare the team management for national and international missions with a special focus on: tools for planning missions, integration into the existing national and international coordination arrangements in a disaster-affected country, common procedures and processes in international response operations and knowledge about Union Civil Protection Mechanism operations.

Responsible: URSZR supported by MSB and THW


Work package 5 “Organizing a Regional field exercise for the multinational civil protection modules established with the participation of civil protection modules of the same type from the Participating States of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism” arranged in order to exercise regional cooperation between the newly established and trained teams/modules as well as cooperation with incoming international assistance via the participation of CPMs of the same type from the Participating States of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Procedures, such as SOPs, border crossing procedures and HNS procedures will also be tested.

Responsible: NPRD supported by URSZR, CIMA, MSB and THW