MSB expert on FC with the National FC Team from Montenegro

MSB expert on FC with the National FC Team from Kosovo

Summer 2017 was dedicated to the handover of the equipment and materials for the multi-national Civil Protection Modules (CPMs) of the type High Capacity Pumping (HCP) and Flood Containment (FC) that have been purchased by IPA FLOODS and donated to its Beneficiaries.

In parallel with the actual delivery of the equipment and materials, starting from the end of August and during the month of September, the Programme organised country specific missions (CSM) in order to ensure a structured handover and guidance on the operation and packing of the equipment. These conditions, if fulfilled, will contribute to the overall ability of the CPMs – and the national teams – to deploy and meet the requirements set forth by the relevant “General Requirements for Civil Protection Modules” (Commission implementing decision 2014/762/EU).

Designated HCP and FC experts from THW and MSB respectively visited the most of the Programme beneficiaries: together with the HCP and FC national teams they met, they have inventoried the material delivered, tested and reviewed the functionality of equipment, organised and packed the equipment in order to maximize efficient deployment and ensure its longevity. In addition, the HCP and FC national teams with the support by the Consortium experts have familiarized with the new equipment received.

Once the instruction sessions will be done in all beneficiaries, the HCP and FC team members’ teams will be able to combine their knowledge gained during the operational trainings held in Germany last spring with the equipment provided through the Programme.

In parallel with these practical actions, on last 14 September, the National Exercise Coordinators, the 10 members selected to take part to the Field Exercise Evaluation Team and the representatives from the IPA FLOODS Consortium gathered for the last time in Varaždin. The occasion was the IPA FLOODS VARAŽDIN 2017 Final Planning Conference mainly aimed at fine-tuning the very last preparations for the regional field exercise planned on 9-13 October 2017. The Conference has allowed the members of the evaluation team to meet each other, visit for the first time the exercise locations and be acquainted with the evaluation methodology and exercise scope.

The final step of this long process will be IPA FLOODS – VARAŽDIN 2017, the Regional Field Exercise planned for 9-13 October 2017.