7th Edition of the IPA FLOODS Newsletter is on line!

December 2016 marked the closure of the Lot 1. This issue is therefore dedicated to the outcomes of the Programme 3rd Steering Group Meeting held on 24 January in Skopje. At this occasion the Consortium presented the main achievements within this first Lot and the valuable work conducted in providing assistance to the beneficiaries in their path towards the EU FLOODS Directive approximation.

After the preparatory activities of last year, in the following months the IPA FLOODS Consortium will be fully engaged in implementing the operational phase of Lot 2 -according to a similar structure with Lot 1 – with the objective to train and exercise the capacities of the multinational Civil Protection Modules for “High Capacity Pumping” (HCP) and “Flood Containment” (FC) in line with EU framework and practices.

This issue will explain more also on the Annex to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on Border-crossing/HNS that were updated by the Consortium on the basis of the lessons learnt from IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016, the trainings HCP-FC foreseen in March and April as well as on the progress of the procurement process for the relevant flood response equipment.

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