The Main Planning Conference for the preparation of the IPA FLOODS regional field exercise “IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016” will be held on 24th May in Zagreb, Croatia. The organisation of the regional field exercise is at the heart of these three dedicated conferences – the first one already held in February and the final one taking place on 7th September. The meeting will also serve to scope out the areas and locations of the simulation exercise.

The Main Planning Conference will be joined by the “Exercise Planning Team” (EPT), a pool of all National Exercise Coordinators who will be in charge of the whole organisation and smooth-running of the field exercise. 

The organization of the regional full-scale field exercise “IPA FLOODS – CRO 2016”, planned from 17th to 21st October, is aimed at testing the regional cooperation, readiness and response capabilities of the newly established and trained national teams of Flood Resuce Using Boats, as well as of the relevant multinational CPMs. The simulation will further test the ability to manage the reception of incoming international assistance via civil protection modules of the same type from the Participating States of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.