From 19 to 21 January 2016 the IPA FLOODS Programme will hold a regional workshop on Border-crossing protocols and Host Nation Support (HNS) in Budva    (Montenegro)The event is part of the IPA FLOODS work-package dedicated to promote border-crossing and HNS protocols in the beneficiaries in compliance with the EU Guidelines on  Host Nation Support. The event is aimed to build upon the results achieved under the recently conducted IPA Civil Protection Cooperation Phase II project towards setting out all  necessary arrangements in the preparedness and response phases to remove predictable obstacles to the rapid and effective delivery of international disaster assistance by the IPA FLOODS  multinational Civil Protection Modules (“CPMs”).

 Ocse_HNSHaving regard to the  broad subject, the workshop targets experts from four different national institutions in the beneficiaries: Civil Protection Authorities, Border Police (Ministry  of Interior), Customs Authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The topics covered by the workshop will include informative sessions on beneficiary-specific flood response team  concept, EU guidelines on HNS and lessons learnt in occasion of the heavy flooding occurred in 2014 in the region. It will be an intensive work programme, based on a combination of  theoretical sessions, group work and discussion. The event falls under the IPA FLOODS portfolio of activities of the National Protection and Rescue Directorate of Croatia and will be organized by the IPA FLOODS Consortium with the kind support of the Ministry of Interior, Directorate for Emergency Management of Montenegro.

 The Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Floods in the Western Balkans and Turkey (IPA FLOODS) supports capacity building activities on flood preparedness and response in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia (Lot 1 only), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,  Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey by providing assistance for the development of three types of multinational CPMs in line with the relevant EU requirements: Flood Rescue using Boats under Lot 1; High Capacity Pumping and Flood Containmentunder Lot 2. For this reason, IPA FLOODS creates a set of work-packages willing to establish, equip and train self-sufficient and interoperable multi-national CPMs in the beneficiaries; develop Standard Operating Procedures for the national teams and the multinational CPMs as well as developing border-crossing and Host Nation Support protocols according to the relevant EU Guidelines.

  IPA FLOODS is implemented by a Consortium composed of the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC, lead partner), the National Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Croatia (NPRD), the  Italian International Centre on Environmental Monitoring (CIMA), the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (URSZR), the  Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Italian agency Studiare Sviluppo Srl.

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